Few words for Science Next Door

Science Next Door is your friend in science.  And, that is not because we think you are not already a friend with the science, but because we want to enable and strengthen  that relationship even further.  We believe, the science is the only promise for the future, or so to speak, the only future.

Our curios minds, just like yours, wonder in all directions. Sometimes this is not very effective or even smart hence we decided to keep  ourselves focused and bring you the science close to you in the the fashion of having fun. We cannot guarantee you that we will be always very exact or accurate but we guarantee that we will do our best and provide you with lots of fun.

We also see the science a bit differently than what the typical theory or scholars describe it. For example, University of Berkeley  in their Understanding Science 101 subject has one of the most comprehensive and in the same time beautiful description, but we still believe, without the fun, is not complete. Here we bring the fun to the science. We will talk at large about The Earth, about The Space, about The Life itself and  most definitely about The Future.

So, come and join us on this journey and let see what the future brings or how the fun unfolds while reading the stories,  learning about the scientific facts and methods, travel to the future and explore Mars and beyond or just inform yourself on the latest discoveries about the life extension, artificial intelligence, space and time travel and the subatomic particles.

We at Science Next Door are happy to have you. It will be fun! In the meantime you can read below about the team behind.

Igor Pandurski, Founder